Local sales

In Ukraine, the sales system, is built on the principle of distribution with a presence in all regions and with partners in many cities. Our team of Regional Sales Managers effectively interacts with partners and helps to grow their own business. The goals of our team is a steady growth in profits, due to an increase in sales figures, as well as qualitative and quantitative coverage of the entrusted territories.
We provide marketing support, participate in the management of the trading team and the regulation of inventory. 
Distributors, in turn, adhere to the standards of work, strictly follow all the rules of warehouse and transport logistics and, also, storage conditions of products. 
On a daily basis, they sell to retail stores, trying to provide the most high-quality product to the final consumer. Our trademarks are represented not only in retail, but also in large network segments. And products are produced both under our own brands, and according to individual orders under “private lable”. Selected "craft" recipes are extremely popular in the sector of HoReCa.


The geography of our clients goes far beyond Ukraine. We cooperate with many countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Yemen, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Serbia, Albania, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, etc. We are actively conducting foreign economic activities. Export sales are one of the important strategic areas of the business. Wide experience in international sales and logistics opens up great development prospects.