The consumer in modern society is no longer that he was 10 years ago. Nowadays, he is a competent buyer. During the purchase he will take into account all the characteristics of the necessary product. Especially, he became picky about the quality of food. It's definitely good. And we have something to say to this consumer.
Throughout its history, TPH FOOD has gone through several stages of development, has been modernized and reconstructed several times. From a small company organized by a group of entrepreneurs wishing to sell a high-quality and natural product on the Ukrainian market, we have grown into a large concern producing high-quality dairy products. Today, we are selling the products not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.
We highlight the following success factors for our business:
  1. Raw materials.
  2. Technologies and standards.
  3. Range of products.
  4. The possibility to make different types of packaging and under "private label".
At the first stage of growth of our small manufacturing plant there was a goal to produce only high-quality food. The raw material base was studied, the best production technologies for this type of product were considered, and highly qualified specialists were invited.
The process has started. But in the current market it is important not so much to produce as to sell the produced goods. And this is the merit of our marketers. Having studied the features of the market, the company TPH FOOD has increased sales growth in large volumes.
Our range of dairy products is diverse:
  •  Spreads;
  •  Mixes of butter and vegetable oils;
  •  Butter of various fat content and packaging;
  •  Cheese;
  •  Cheese products.
Production capacity - 50 tons per day of finish product.
We are talking about a major producer of fat-and-oil products - "Baranovsky Molokozavod" LLC (Baranovsky Dairy Plant). The trademark of "TPH FOOD" - "Milk Farmer" is known today all over the national territory. All products of this brand are of great taste and quality. But the main indicator is the growth in the number of consumers of our products.