Welcome to our booth at Gulfood

WE cordially invite you to visit us at STAND 110, Hall 1, Dubai World Trade Centre!

17 – 21 February 2019, Dubai.

Celebrating its 24th Edition in 2019, Gulfood is the world’s largest annual food, 
beverage and hospitality exhibition which attracts F&B professionals from all 
over the world to Dubai – a hub for international trade and commerce. 


The best day starts with butter and croissant.

Everyone knows that a croissant is a small crispy crescent shaped bun. Made from air puff pastry.
"We sit down at the table. In a glass pot, coffee boils a little, spreading a marvelous aroma in the kitchen. On the dish are well-toasted croissants. Light, crispy, they personify the age-old tradition of France, which in the morning eats these divine bagels everywhere - in houses, in cafes, in cities and villages, drinking their coffee with milk or cream. And old people and young children will certainly dip them in coffee or milk: it is easier to chew them. I break my croissant in half and admire the thinnest air layers of the famous bagel. "


Is ghee healthier than butter?

Because ghee and butter both derive from cow's milk, their nutritional profiles and fat content are very similar.
However, because ghee does not contain the same levels of dairy proteins as butter, it may be better for people who do not tolerate dairy products well.


The best whipping spread recipe

The whipping spread has excellent whipping qualities. To give the product a creamy taste and aroma, skimmed milk powder with butter and cream flavors are introduced into the recipes. The finish product has good consumer characteristics, a glossy cut surface, harmonious creamy aroma and taste. While whipping, the volume of cream is increasing by 1.5 times and whipping mass retains its shape.