Partnership in the World

All enterprises of group are in sustainable growth.
Modernization of production facilities was carried out in dairy plant «Baranovskyi molokozavod».
A new approach to production process allows (except a wide range of quality products) to produce the products according to our partner’s special recipes and under their private labels.
«TPH DAIRY» LLC is trading company, which sells butter and spreads produced by Baranovskyi dairy plant. More than 50% of all products are selling for export in Middle East, Asia, West and Central Africa, Balkan countries.
Distribution channels: retail networks, wholesales, sales of industrial products to production companies.

«Lubnymyaso» LLC constantly improve quality control at all stages of the production chain.
The company actively exports its products to Asia and the Middle East.
Delivery is carried out in specialized trucks which meet all sanitary requirements.
Distribution channels: retail networks, wholesales, meat-packing enterprises.

«Food Service Solutions» LLC doesn’t stop to expand the product portfolio. FFS offers to its partners only the highest quality products.
«Food Service Solutions» LLC is focused on the working out integrated solutions concerning supplying of food to HORECA segment’s enterprises.
The company is also always opened for signing direct contracts with food manufacturers.
Distribution channels: enterprises of HORECA segment.

Group members satisfy requirements of partners throughout the collaboration process, from their own recipes to the terms of delivery.
We strive for the further development and invite to effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.