Baranovskyi molokozavod

Dairy plant «Baranovskyi molokozavod» LLC is one of the strongest in Ukraine’s dairy industry.

Production potential is 50 tons of products per day.


Baranovsky dairy plant produces:

Baranovsky dairy plant produces products under the following brands:

Baranovskyi dairy plant is able to produce the products under your private labels and to your special recipes, take into account the features of your market.

Modernization of production facilities according to international standards was carried out, which allowed to produce products in new types of packaging.

The production process meets the highest standards of quality.

Quality control is exercised at all stages, from raw materials and auxiliary materials, to packaging and finished products, as well as its transportation.

Products stored in a cooling chamber, at the temperature required for each product, observing the level of humidity.

More than 50% of all products are selling for export in Middle East, Asia, West and Central Africa, Balkan countries.