About company



TPH FOOD group focuses on manufacturing, processing and selling milk and meat products. Also TPH FOOD supplies the products for HORECA sector.


TPH FOOD unites 4 enterprises:

-Dairy plant «Baranovskyi molokozavod» LLC


-Meat-packing plant «Lubnymiaso» LLC

-«Food Service Solutions» LLC


Dairy plant «Baranovskyi molokozavod» LLC is one of the strongest in Ukraine’s dairy industry. Baranovsky dairy plant’s production potential is more than 50 tons of products per day. Baranovsky dairy plant produces: unsalted butter and blended butter.

«TPH-DAIRY» LLC is a trading company which provides wholesale products such as: unsalted butter, blended butter, hard cheeses, cheese-like products, casein, skimmed milk powder, demineralized whey powder.

More than 50% of all products are selling for export in Middle East, Asia, West and Central Africa, Balkan countries.

Baranovskyi dairy plant is able to produce the products under your private label and according to your special needs.





Meat packing plant «Lubnymiaso» LLC unites production facilities for full meat processing technological chain. This enterprise produces and sells the following production: chilled and frozen pork in bulks, pork sides, beef in bulk, beef sides, beef quarters, meat offal’s.

«Lubnymiaso» includes intensive pig farming, pork processing enterprise, slaughterhouse with 75 000 head’s capacity.

Total amount of sales is more than 4 500 tons for year. All manufacturing process meets veterinary and sanitary requirements of Ukraine and are under constant control of states doctors of veterinary medicine.

An ISO 2001 and ISO 22000 ensure safety at every stage of meat processing and the high quality of products.



Food Service Solutions LLC is specialized enterprise of TPH FOOD group. Food Service Solutions focuses on supplying food products for HORECA sector. Since 2013 company is developing dynamically in the Ukrainian market. Food Service Solutions doesn’t stop to increase the list of proposed products. Now assortment includes the following products: groceries, dairy products, oil and fat products, cheeses, meat products, spices, conservation and more.

Benefits of Food Service Solutions: